In collaboration with Greenpeace's Oceans team, we created the "Oil is Our Past" campaign to bolster the movement against oil exploitation in the Amazon River basin by Petrobras, one of the globe's largest oil companies. The campaign name directly nods to the 1940s slogan "O petróleo é nosso" (Oil is ours), which played a pivotal role in the formation of the Brazilian multinational energy giant.
The campaign unfolded in two phases: The first phase marked Petrobras' 70th anniversary by urging the state company to play a central role in a genuine, clean, and equitable energy transition. The second phase targeted the general public, aiming to build pressure on the federal government and President Lula. The goal was to push them to commit to phasing out fossil fuels and to shift the focus away from oil exploration as the primary driver of Brazil's energy investments.

We crafted a series of illustrations showcasing the key socio-environmental elements of fauna and flora along the Amazon coast, highlighting the vibrant biodiversity against the black-and-white backdrop of oil.

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