Detective Little Riding Hood is investigating the case of a shadow that lost its body.
The vast universe of social media offers incredible opportunities for learning and connection, while also bringing significant challenges.
Often, digital platforms know us so well that they end up influencing our decisions, seeing us as products rather than individuals.
This book proposes a reflection on the use of electronic devices and social networks. It is an invitation for families and caregivers to explore with children the balance between the digital and real world, also considering ensuring a virtual experience that is safer and more authentic.
The digital version of the book is available in Portuguese for free download under Creative Commons license here.​
Text by André Rodrigues, Larissa Ribeiro, Paula Desgualdo & Pedro Markun
The illustrations were created using the manual stencil technique. We cut out small matrices on acetate and from them, we created shapes and textures that evoke the modularity of bit packets, while also conveying a sense of hand craftsmanship.
Each time we use the stencil, we produce a very similar shape, but with unique texture peculiarities. The choice of this technique is reminiscent of the universe of social networks, in which, while we can express our personality, we are also packaged within the rigid structure of the platforms.

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